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If you want to make big changes, CADEkids is a good place to invest your charitable dollars wisely.

Your contribution will help change the future for Philadelphia public school students — one child a time!
CADEkids teaches and mentors K-8th graders to rise above desperate circumstances ? violence, poverty, and apathy ? to build lives that match their dreams. Our Prevention Specialists provide young children with the life skills they need to move successfully through school and beyond. Founded in 1987, CADEkids is a Pennsylvania-registered charitable organization that equips students to understand their emotions, make good decisions, and control their impulses to avoid violence and the pitfalls of drug use.
We help thousands of children develop their unique potential for becoming good people and positive influences in their communities. Starting in kindergarten, CADEkids works to build a foundation of coping skills with the School District’s most vulnerable students, which has to potential to divert our program participants from a path in which unproductive behaviors become habitual.
We get high marks for classroom effectiveness:  School teachers and administrators rated CADEkids 77% excellent (23% good); 69% rated program quality as excellent (30% good). Nearly 70% noted at least one significant area of improvement in students’ behavior:

  • 40% noted less bullying
  • 39% cited fewer angry outbursts
  • 24% identified a reduction in violent incidents
  • 16.5% observed improvement in student attendance during CADEkids’ lesson cycles

Thank you for supporting CADEkids!
128 Chestnut Street, Suite 302
Philadelphia, PA  19106



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